Tell me about UPC…

  • UPC began in 1999 and is approved to do business in the following coastal states, with others pending: MA, RI, NJ (COA approved, but rates not filed), NC, SC, FL, and TX (COA approved, but rates not filed)
  • UPC is rated ‘A’ with Demotech

Do you write secondary homes?

  • Yes, and the primary is not required to write the secondary

What kind of minimums are needed to partner with UPC through Breakwater?

  • A $25,000 minimum premium per year is required to become a Broker with Breakwater
  • Brokers can get a direct appointment if they can get to $1,000,000 in 3 years

How is billing handled?

  • Direct Bill is offered

What about rating?

  • Easy online rating and upload are offered
  • The agent has binding authority

Tell me about the Arbella connection…

  • Arbella gives a 10% credit on Auto if the Homeowners is written with UPC
  • UPC gives a 10% credit on Homeowners if the Auto is written with Arbella
  • Arbella will write an Umbrella over Arbella Auto and UPC Homeowners

What about Flood?

  • UPC is a servicing carrier for National Flood
  • If Home and Flood are with UPC, UPC gives a 5% credit on the Home and Dwelling Fire
  • Brokers are required to complete Flood applications

What can you tell me about Hurricane deductibles?

  • Customers can choose from $500 up to 10% (5% in RI) and it doesn’t matter where the risk is located

What are the commission rates?

  • Commission rates are 15% for Homeowners and Flood and 10% for Dwelling Fire
  • Commissions are paid directly from UPC

What other kinds of credits are available?

  • Loss free credit 5-25% (no losses last 3 years)
  • Mature Owner credit (15% one insured > age 50)
  • New Home Credit 5-10%
  • Water Loss Prevention Credit 5% (need certification)
  • Safe Home Credit 10% MA/15% RI (no dogs, no pool, no wood stove, no smokers)
  • Alarm Credits
  • Stretch Endorsements